Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 8 Drafts of a Novel

Recently I fnished a book where an author discussed how he went through 8 drafts of the novel. Now I'm sure for him there no more than basic editing each time, but it got me to wondering if I made 8 drafts of my novel, what would they involve?

1. First Draft -  The draft I'm writing now I consider to be everything I want to convey on paper. It probably isn't organized, and many inconsistencies need to be revaluated. This is what I want to say though, and these are the stories telling what I've been wanting to.

2. Second Draft - First off since my story is seriously unorganized I would want to put the events in the right order, or if your novel is in the right order but still feels like you need more transitions to help the flow you might want to look at that. 

3. Third Draft - Now Ithat 've gotten everything I want to say wrote, I probably want to see what themes can be found in what I have wrote, and see if I can strengthen my story to convey those themes better. 

4. Fourth Draft - It's probably now time to look at the dialogue, and see what I can do to make it more realistic. 

5. Fifth Draft - Now time to analyze my original intentions for my characters and how they ended up being portrayed.

6. Sixth Draft - Eliminate words I feel are being repeated too many times, and lively up the pages more with a bigger variety of sentences, and words

7. Seventh Draft -  Now I have a copy of something I find I can read all the way through as if this was going to be read by someone else. I can lastly check for the grammar and spelling errors that may still be present despite all the editing I've done so far. 

8. Eigth Draft - The draft I would like to publish.

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