Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Review: Melody Carlson's Pitch Black

    When I was 15 I was a huge fan of Melody Carlson's Diary of a Teenage Girlseries. For some reason these books spoke to an angsty teen girl's troubles, and possibly gave me an unrealistic view of the future.  I didn't read too many of her other books outside that series, so I decided to try out a book from her True Color series.
    Pitch Black follows Morgan, as she deals with suicide of her friend, Jason.  Jason's death causes Morgan, and her friends to evaluate their own bleak lives to point where they think suicide might be an option too. Morgan has other people who encourage her to observe where her faith has gone, and how it could be thing that gives her the feel of life again.
    This book seems to be very relevant by many things we hear happening in the media today.  It has the tendency to clean everything up almost too quickly, but there isn't much room in the book to further explore the consequences suicide can leave behind.  There is a great discussion guide included, which would probably be very helpful in discussing opinions on suicide with teens.  This book should encourage the Christian community to come together more to discuss suicide, and how it is affecting people today.
    I think this book would be relatable to teens, or people who have experienced something similiar.  If you're someone who just needs a little encouragment in your Christian walk, it is inspiring to see how God is conveyed in this book. The book has researched a variety of ways that people at risk for suicide act, and it deals with various grief responses people have.  If you weren't aware of these things before it can be insightful. 

This complimentary copy was provided by NavPress in exchange for a review.

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