Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday Movie Night: All Good Things (2010)

  I've learned that movies that maybe two hours are best divided up instead of me attempting to watch them all in one sitting. I just don't have the attention span. All Good Things turned out to be quite a thriller though. I felt a little spooked watching it at midnight especially since this is based on a true story.
  The story is about David Marks, a guy who falls in love with Katie, who is not of the same wealthy class as him. After their marriage spirals downward when he takes a job as his dad real estate agency, David becomes tied to a number of disappearances including his wife's. The movie follows the beginning of their romance in the 70s to 2000 when David was being tried for the disappearances.
  Ryan Gosling is a very diverse actor, and in this movie he is far from the confident, handsome guy he depicts in other movies. My sister even commented on how much a creeper he appeared to be in the movie. I'm not quite sure why this movie didn't get a bigger opening, or why it wasn't somewhat bigger than it was. The cast was filled with people who are quite known, the movie was just as good as anything else you would find at the theater these days. Perhaps being based on a true story that isn't the most light hearted event doesn't make a good movie goer movie. I would suppose the story also isn't one of the most popular that could have been chosen from though it does have notoriety.
  If you're looking for an interesting suspense then this provides it. The movie isn't the most satisfying of movies, but I won't give away the ending if you aren't already familiar with the case.

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