Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday Movie Night: Say Anything (1989)

  I've started a new weekly thing for me so I can watch the movies I've always planned to watch, but never got around to yet. It's gets old when someone references a movie, and I look at them strange, and in return they say "you haven't seen that?" Last night I had Say Anything to watch. I know it's famous for the scene where John Cusack stands outside his love's window with a boom box.
    The move was very cute, and good. I seem to be on a theme of people who graduate, and then have no idea what to do with their life, particularly men, so they cure the unknown with finding love. Also another thing is to note is that strange guys were the cool thing in the early 90s, and 80s. The premise though is that Lloyd has just graduated high school, and he's been building up the courage to ask Diane out. Diane is ambitious, and on her way to college, and her father worries that her developing relationship with Lloyd will hold her back. He begins to become in between her and Lloyd, forcing them apart. The premise sounds very typical, but like any movie there are atypical things to set it apart.
  This movie almost seems more about a father and daughter relationships sometimes, which is overlooked in other movies. The way it tries to conveys characters other relationships besides the romance gives it depth.  You get many ways that different types of relationships affect us whether that be friends, or parents. Another interesting observation is seeing the subtle changes in how romance has changed.
   If you're looking for a movie that will make you feel romantic, or you're just looking for a good movie then this qualifies! Personally I must on a kick lately with finding people dealing with the daunting realization of moving on after graduating, and find a career.

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