Tuesday, January 31, 2012

29 of 1001 Albums: Bill Evans' Sunday at the Village Vanguard

  I'm sure Bill Evans is a swell guy, and he has some great piano skills. Evans is an American jazz pianist.  Being awake in the middle of the day, and listening to this is probably the wrong time, though I think it oddly helped me focus in on writing.  I am just not into this type of music. This is definitely what I would hear pushing my buggy down the grocery store aisles. Actually, I may have tapped my foot to this a little while at the grocery store, and I'm tempted to go ask one of the people running the music if this guy is on the playlist. Maybe that is a part of the thing. This music keeps you zoned in on writing, or perhaps even shopping, which is why they play it.
   I will say that all the songs have a different sound to them. Sometimes albums will get a repetitive sound, but there seemed to be a distinct to each song that set it apart from the one played before it. I think one of my favorites was 'Alice In Wonderland'. I thought it really made me feel what the title evoked.
  If there is anything I appreciate about this list it is the variety it has provided. I know not everyone would say the same, but I feel I've been exposed to a variety of music so far from the 50s, and 60s.  Not all I would agree is good, and I'm sure some would even dispute there are people who've been left off that deserve to be on it. I've listened to everything from jazz, country, folk, and rock though. I look forward to seeing what other music I explore.

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