Friday, January 6, 2012

4 of 1001: Frank Sinatra's Songs for Swingin Lovers

  I see you peeping on those two Frank! I'm sure they'll be "Makin Whoopee" to your music later as you intended. Seriously, that's what one of the songs on this album is called, so don't judge. So if 'In the Wee Small of Hours of the Morning' was music for after you made whoopee then 'Songs for Swingin Lovers' was for what couples were doing before those wee morning hours arrived.
  Now this album was much more jiving than the first one I listened to. It intends to get you on your feet moving, as the example on the cover shows you.  That couple is getting down to Sinatra.  Obviously whatever issue Sinatra was having with the ladies in the small hours of the morning are now gone, and he wants to rejoice in whatever he's found now with a new lover.
  I'm about to admit something very embarrassing, but I found myself slightly dancing to this as I typed this. It's difficult not to even though I don't have a lover as this album would recommend. I got to say though, but I still don't think Sinatra will have a spot on my playlist just yet. Though it's fun to listen to, I don't know if I would click to this just to casually listen to. We'll see though since my views my continue to change. I'm sure he has more albums than just these two on the list to listen to.
  I completely understand why Sinatra was as popular as he was. His music has a certain charm about it, and it's very grand. Plus, his voice is very good. I find his faster paced stuff to be much better than the slower tunes though.

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