Wednesday, February 15, 2012

43 of 1001 Albums: John Coltrane's A Love Supreme

  When will this type of music disappear from the list? I feel like the creators of this list are way too biased to jazz, and it's causing a lack of diversity as far as what musicians they are choosing. This person, or people must be hugely obsessed with jazz though. I feel like other artists like Elvis, or Little Richard only made the list because people would be outraged if they left those guys off from the list.
   I know it would be really cool if I could say I was a fan of jazz. I wish I could say it was something I listened to all the time because then it would probably make me really cool, but I just don't like it.  When I heard that Coltrane was another jazz artist I almost wanted to refuse to listen to any of it. I wanted to shut off Spotify, and go to the next day. I'm dedicated to listening to all these albums those so I shuffled through as many songs as the list would allow me even though I'm feeling highly unwell, and want to run away from it.
  The biggest shock was when someone started singing on the first song though. So it wasn't silent the whole time, but just creepy at moments when someone began chanting.
  If you're a fan of jazz then give it a try if you already haven't. My days listening to jazz are beginning to decrease, but the few I encounter just feel like obstacles of the music I'd rather be listening to instead.

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